Wireless Probes NC 3D Edge Finder

Wireless Probes NC 3D Edge FInder

1. Dimension

Wireless Probes Size
Probes  Parameters
 Wireless SignalInfrared Ray
Measuring Direction±X、±Y、±Z
Safe measuring strokeXY Panel ±20°,Z Axis+2.5mm
Unidirectional repeatability   <0.01mm
Charging methodType-C Connect ,5V-1A
Charging time1 Hour
Battery capacity900mAh Li-ion Battery
Standby current0.13 mA
Standby time3 Months
Working hours1~2 Months
Probe InterfaceM2.5
Sealing GradeDust & water resistant IP54 (splash proof, not immersible)
Receiver Parameters
Voltage5~24V DC
Current50 mA
Signal modeNPN PNP NC NO
Fixed modeM4 screw fixingMagnetic backing
Signal Wire length3m
Receiving distance2m

2. Structure

16MM clamping handleStainless
2Seal Ring ARubber
3M3 AdjustmentJackscrew ×4Carbon steel
4Back CoverAluminum
5Seal Ring BRubber
6Li-ion Battery 900 mAh/
7Acrylic Middle FrameAcrylic
8Seal Ring CRubber
9Main Control BoardPCB
10Gold Plated Contact PlatePCB
11Front CoverAluminum
13Silicone Dust CoverSilicone
14M2.5 StylusTungsten Steel/Ruby

3. Video

4. Operation


Probe use is prohibited with the spindle rotation on
NPN-NO  Normal OpenPNP-NO  Normal Open
NPN-NC  Normal ClosePNP-NC  Normal Close
Generally, if the system supports it, it is recommended to use NC normally closed, with a shorter relative delay in wiring.
a. When the system is NPN, COM connects to the system signal GND, and the system probe input signal connects to NC or NO according to normally open or normally closed.
b. When the system is PNP, COM connects to the system signal VCC, and the system probe input signal connects to NC or NO according to normally open or normally closed.
  1. Charging with Type-c port, does not support fast charging, input 5V1A,about one hour full.Red indicator light when charging, green indicator light when full. Tip :Prohibit the use of Apple type-c cable, different definitions will lead to damage.
  2. When triggered by normal measurement, the indicator light shows green;When triggered by low battery (battery voltage ≤ 2.9V), the indicator light shows red to remind charging. Tip:When the indicator light shows red for the first time, it can be used for 3~4 days, you need to charge it as soon as possible.
  3. The receiver is a 5-core signal output line, respectively, power supply 5~24V+ (red);GND (black); COM (white); NC (green) NO (yellow). Support NPN and PNP normally open or normally closed mode.Among them, V+ can be connected to the power supply interface within the range of 5~24V on the system, and the operation current is only 50mA.COM is set according to the probe signal input mode supported by the system.
  4. Receiver installation requirements. Receiver is generally installed on the side or topof the machine without blocking parts, you can use the back of the magnetic temporarily fixed, hand-held probe press trigger in the range of travel to test whether the normal reception (the receiver lights up red), to determine the appropriate installation position after punching holes to install M4 fixing screws.
  5. Before shipment, the concentricity of the probe will be adjusted to 0.05 (because oftransportation vibration, even if adjusted to 0.01 to receive the goods can not guarantee the original accuracy), after receiving the goods need to be adjusted to 0.01mm.