DesktopEDM Spark2

Desktop EDM Spark2 is a desktop fast-moving wire electric discharge machine, which uses the principle of electrode discharge to perform high-temperature electro-corrosion processing of metal materials. It is very advantageous for the processing and manufacturing of machine parts with high melting point, small batches and complex shapes, and can cut metal materials of almost any shape.
The wire cutting machine is divided into electrical and mechanical parts according to the structure. Electric refers to the electrical cabinet used for stepping drive and high-frequency discharge, as well as the programming and controlling machine, and the cooling water system. It can process special and high hardness metal materials. Ideal for small businesses, individual makers, educational institutions, and laboratories.

  • Fast wire: speed ≥ 2.5m/s, common value 6-10m/s
  • Can process any conductive material


Wire-EDM Machine

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Electrical cabinet

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Programming controller

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