Desktop NC pro

Desktop NC Pro
Mini 5 Axis NC

Professional Desktop 5-axis CNC Milling Mchine

The most advanced model in Desktop NC

Based on all previous design experience, using the best accessories and the best CNC system at present, it was born.
Through careful design, Desktop NC Pro incorporates a compact integrated structure, separate storage drawers, and an intuitive user interface, all aimed at providing you with the most exceptional desktop five-axis CNC machine tool experience.


Our Work Is Heavily Shaped by Our Core Values


Lniux NC System

Good anti-interference stability, smoother processing, and high manufacturing efficiency


Compact structure

Simple square design, maximum space utilization, independent tool drawer


High Performance Accessories

Servo motor, ball screw, linear track, water-cooled spindle, harmonic reducer



High-quality software and hardware, rich fixture selection, and intuitive operation interface

Operation Video

Probe Measurement

Automated Upgrade – Auto Door&Pneumatic clamp

Processing capacity

0.3mm Stainless Steel Micro Hole Processing

Customized equipment, using 6000RPM, 1.2kw spindle high-speed rotation, the tool is a stainless steel special drill, PowerMill cycle drilling strategy, feed speed F200, cutting amount 0.05mm, coolant is turned on, single hole processing time is 30s

Desktop NC Pro Impeller Machining
Processing capacity

Aluminum Alloy Impeller Processing

Impeller blades are core components of aircraft engines, steam turbines and other devices. Impeller machining is the criterion for judging a five-axis machining equipment RTCP.

Roughing: 4mm milling cutter, f2000, depth 0.2
Semi-finishing:R1 ball knife, row spacing 0.5 f2000 depth 0.1
Finishing:R1 ball knife, line spacing 0.05, f2000 depth 0.1

Structural details

Workspace&Control Board Layout

Working area is mainly composed of the spindle and AC axis turntable. The auxiliary parts include cooling ducts and the bottom chip collection drawer. The protective door is a pull-up type.
The side maintenance door provides access to the circuit board, spindle housing and spindle coolant system


Packing  DimensionW870×D620×H1000mmPackaging Weight160kg
Equipment DimensionW800×D550×H800mmEquipment Weight 145kg
Workbench DimensionΦ100mmWorkbenchMax. Load 5kg
XYZ Effective TravelX160×Y200×Z130mmA&C Effective TravelA:-30-120°,C:360°
Machining Range
Machining Range
Cylinder: Φ150×H105mm
/Φ1000×H120mmCube: W125×D125×H110mm
Machining Accuracy
Linear axis parallelism & perpendicularity 0.03mmSpatial accuracy<0.02mm4-Axis
Machining Accuracy
Linear axis parallelism &
perpendicularity 0.05mmSpatial accuracy<0.05mm
XYZ Ball ScrewX&Z:1204 C5  Y:1604 C5A&C Axis1:80 20 Harmonic reducer
return <1’1N servo motor torque after deceleration 
XYZ Linear GuidewayX&Z: Hiwin MGN12,Y:Hiwin MGN15FrameForced Parts: 45 # Quenched
&Tempered SteelOthers:Al6061-T6 Aviation Aluminum
Machining Speed4000mm / min
 (vary by material)
Principal AxisΦ65mm Water-cooled SpindleProtectAccordion dustproof
Oil seal waterproof & dustproof.
Tool Diameter & LengthER11 0-8mm,≤75mmPart FixturesSteel fixture with reserved hole positionCan add er50 clip holder, 63,80 Chuck
Work MaterialMetal: aluminum alloy, copper alloy, gold alloy,silver alloy,
* steel, * titanium alloy
Non-metal: plastic, wood,
wax, jade, glass, etc
Drive MotorA 36V DC Servo1500rpm/minSpindle Motor800W, 24,000 rpmCan Upgrade 40000 rpm
Drive Power 220V Input,36V15A outputControl SystemWindows
Home SwitchPhotoelectric SensorTool SetterContact force 1.5N Repeatedtool setting accuracy 2um
Control Softwaree2 StudioProgram SoftwarePowerMill, Fusion360,

Standard List

1EquipmentMachineBare machine, excluding sheet metal1
2Material FixtureA-Type Self-Centering ViseClamps for 8-55mm square materials1
3Tool HolderER11 ColletER11-4 & ER11-62
4ToolsEnd Mills, Ball Mills0.2mm End Mills (for engraving) × 10, 2, 4, 6mm End Mills × 2, R-Ball Mills × 218
5ElectricalPower BoxMotor Control Inverter1
6ElectricalPower CableEquipment’s total power supply1
7ElectricalUSB Data CableConnects the computer to the host1
8ElectricalElectronic HandwheelAxis movement control1
9ToolsHex Key Set1.5-10mm, 9PCS1
10ToolsSpindle Wrench Set14 & 17mm open-end wrenches2
11MaterialSubstitute Wood BlocksFor practice4


  • The warranty period is one year, and replacement parts are available at cost after the warranty expires.
  • If natural damage occurs during the warranty period, we will provide parts and remote guidance free of charge.
  • Warranty does not cover incorrect operation, unauthorized product disassembly, or deliberate human damage