Desktop Inject X

It is a fully automatic small desktop horizontal injection molding machine. It is designed to make injection molding of plastic parts economical, allowing creators, manufacturers, craftsmen, small businesses, schools and hobbyists to prototype, sample test, develop new product designs and produce functional plastic parts in small batches.

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Desktop Injeciton Molding Machine  Plastic


Super cost-effective

Injection molding machine is a molding equipment that heats and injects thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic into a mold to form plastic products of various shapes and sizes.


Driven by three 1.8kw servo motors, it has fast response, high efficiency, accurate control and low energy consumption.

Crankshaft clamping structure

Compared with the direct pressure clamping mechanism, the crankshaft type is faster, has speed amplification function, is responsive and more stable

Industrial injection barrel

The alloy injection plastic barrel is tempered and nitrided, with high hardness, wear resistance and long service life; the anti-overflow plastic injection head prevents glue leakage

Multi-stage heating system

Powered by 120VAC or 220VAC, it has precise (±1°C) three-stage PID barrel constant temperature control to quickly and evenly heat the thermoplastic to the process temperature.


Injection Molding Unit

The injection unit adopts servo motor-driven ball screw instead of simple extrusion type, which has good molding capability.

Molding Unit

The molding die adopts high quality mold steel instead of aluminum alloy, high strength and high toughness, with longer service life. The design of one mold with multiple cavities improves efficiency

Clamping Unit

Mold clamping method adopts crankshaft mold clamping, compared with the direct pressure type, the mold opening speed is faster, the rigidity of the clamping mold is larger and more reliable.


Equip SizeW1400×H600×D400mmEquip Power6.3KW
Packing SizeW1400×H650×D400mmPacking Volume
Motor1.8w Servo MotorClamping Force10T
Screw Size22mm
Power Supply110V/220V
Touchscreen7inMax. Shot Capacity25g
Max. Mold SizeL200×W160mmMold Thickness80-130mm, 200mm Customized
Clamping MethodCrankshaftMolding MethodInjection
Max. Inject Pressure1500kg(1500Mpa)Max. Shot Speed120cm³/s
Mold Open Stroke120mmMax. Heat Temp400±1℃
Ejection Distance15mmHeating Stage3
Lead timeEquip 20days,Mold 25daysMaterialsPP PE ABS POM PA PC PLA TPE PMMA etc


Mold Platen

You can design your own mold based on the technical specifications of the mold base to avoid installation issues

Mold Platen

Mold Design and Manufacturing

If you would like to entrust us to design and manufacture your mold, please provide the material and STEP file of your injection molded product, which will be checked and designed by professional mold engineers.

Unitary Mold

Unitary Mold

Simple structure, easy to manufacture and maintain, low cost, short production cycle, high injection efficiency, long life, high precision, suitable for small batch injection molding.

Mold Manufacturing

Split Mold

It consists of a fixed mold frame and mold nuts (cavity inserts and core inserts). Different mold nuts can be designed according to production requirements. Complex structure, high manufacturing cost and slightly lower productivity.

Multi Use Die Box Kit

MUD can be used to 3D print mold inserts, resin inserts or metal inserts. Processing material is 6061 aluminum alloy, Core inserts&Cavity inserts Size each 200×150×H40mm

Desktop Injeciton Molding Machine- PP
Desktop Injeciton Molding Machine-ABS


  1. Warranty period 12 months.
  2. During the warranty period, the manufacturer will send free accessories for non-human damage and provide remote guidance for replacement.
  3. Out of warranty, the manufacturer can provide spare parts at cost price, or provide spare parts purchase channels for you to purchase by yourself.