Desktop NC Turbo

Desktop NC Turbo is a benchtop 5-axis CNC machine with *RTCP. Its biggest feature is its small and compact size design and powerful 5-axis machining capability. Various conventional materials can be processed, such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy and other metals, plastics, wood, stone, wax and other non-metallic materials. Ideal for small businesses, individual makers, educational institutions, and laboratories.

Tip:Turbo =V4+Enslosure+IPC


2. Compare

2. Content

Harmonic reducer

High precision High rigidity
Low noise High efficiency.

Compared with the worm gear reducer, the harmonic reducer has no sliding friction, compact structure, adopts flexible gear transmission, has higher transmission accuracy, smaller error, and can achieve greater rigidity, greater torque, and longer life.

Unique Gear Design
1um track fine grinding
CMP Heat treatment

Water-cooled spindle

High Power, high Speed,
High Concentricity, Low Noise.

Strong spindle power 800w high power, speed up to 24000rpm(Can upgraded to 40000rpm),efficient water cooling.It adopts high-precision ER11A collet nut, the precision is ≤15um, and the radial runout of the spindle is 3-5μm.

P4 grade bearings
Galvanized cooling nozzle
Industrial grade aviation plug

DC Servo motor

Low noise,Low vibration,High-speed positioning,High reliability

Compared with closed-loop stepping motors, DC servo motors use encoders, which have more precise feedback and higher control accuracy.
Higher speed and acceleration can achieve fast response, and can withstand higher loads to maintain the stability of motion.

36V 1500rpm
15-bit Absolute Encoder
Multiple-level DD motor structure

3. Specs

Packaging DimensionW800×D600×H800mmPackaging Weight120kg
Equipment DimensionW600×D400×H510mmEquipment Weight75kg
Workbench DimensionΦ100mmWorkbench Max. Load5kg
XYZ Effective TravelX160×Y200×Z130mmA&C Effective TravelA:-30-120°
3-Axis Machining RangeX160×Y200×Z125mm4-Axis Machining RangeCylinder: Φ150×H105mm/Φ100×H120mm,
Cube: W125×D125×H110mm
3-Axis Machining AccuracyLinear axis parallelism
& perpendicularity 0.03mm
Spatial accuracy<0.02mm
4-Axis Machining AccuracyLinear axis parallelism
& perpendicularity 0.05mm,
Spatial accuracy<0.05mm
XYZ Ball ScrewX&Z:1204 C7
Y: 1604 C7, Can Upgrade C5
A&C Axis1:80 20 Harmonic reducer return <1′
1N servo motor torque after deceleration
XYZ Linear GuidewayX&Z:Hiwin MGN12,
Y:Hiwin MGN15
FrameForced Parts: 45 # Quenched&Tempered Steel
Others:Al6061-T6 Aviation Aluminum
Machining Speed4000mm / min (vary by material)ProtectAccordion Dustproof
Oil Seal Waterproof &Dustproof
Principal AxisΦ65mm Water-cooled Spindle Part FixturesSteel fixture with reserved hole position
Can add er50 clip holder, 63,80 card
Tool Diameter & LengthER11 0-8mm,≤75mm
Work MaterialMetal: aluminum alloy, copper alloy,
gold alloy, silver alloy, * steel, * titanium alloy
Non-metal: plastic, wood,
wax, jade, glass, etc
Drive MotorA 36V DC Servo
Spindle Motor800W, 24,000 rpm
 Can Upgrade 40000 rpm
Drive Power220V Input
36V15A output
Control SystemWindows
Drive PowerHome SwitchPhotoelectric SensorTool Setter Contact force 1.5N Repeated
Tool setting accuracy 2um
Control SoftwareDNC StudioProgram SoftwarePowerMill,SprutCAM,Fusion360
NXUG,MasterCAM etc

4. Structure

5. Deliver List

Standard Delivery List
1EquipmentDesktopNC Turbowith Enclosure &Industrial touch screen computer1$4,899 
2Metal ClampsA-type self-centering viseClamping range for square material: 8-55mm1
3Tool HoldersER11 colletsER11-4 & ER11-62
4ToolEnd mills, flat mills, ball mills0.2mm flat mill x 10,
2mm, 4mm, 6mm end mills x 2, R1 ball end mill x 2
5ElectricalPower supply boxMotor control frequency converter1
6Power cordEquipment power supply1
7USB data cableConnection between computer and machine1
8Manual Pulse GeneratorManual operation of axis movement1
9Hand ToolsHex wrenches1.5-10mm 9PCS1
10Spindle wrenches14 & 17mm open-end wrenches2
11MaterialsWood substitute materialFor practice use4
Optional Upgrade Accessories
1TransmissionGrinding ball screw1204 &16043$220
2SpindlePrice difference for upgrading to 40000 rpm spindleSame 800W with a diameter of 65mm1$140 
3Tool HoldersSpindle with ER11 collet chuck2. collets7$25
4Square Materaial
Type-A Self-centering vise with reversible jawsClamping range of 50-75mm1$30
5Type-B Self-centering vise with enlarged jawsClamping range of 0-100mm1$140
6Round Material
Hand-tightened 80mm chuck (4-jaw)48mm stroke height (can hold round and
square material with 4-jaw chuck)
7Mechanical 80mm chuck (3-jaw)66mm stroke height
(better concentricity than 4-jaw chuck)
8ER40 collet chuckHigh concentricity, compatible with
ER40 collet chuck (can hold Φ4-30mm)
9ER40 collet chuck6. chucks
(corresponding to the same diameter of round material)
10ER50 collet chuck
(Choose ER50 or ER40)
Compatible with ER50 collet chuck (can hold Φ4-36mm)1$40
11Choose your own model for ER50 collet chuckChoose your own size from 4-36mm,
priced at $12 each.

6. Fixture

Desktop NC Vacum Chuck
Vacum Chuck
Desktop NC Self-Cntering Vise
Self-Cntering Vise
Desktop NC 3 Jaw Chuck
3 Jaw Chuck
Desktop NC 4 Jaw Chuck
4 Jaw Chuck
Desktop NC ER40/50 Collet
ER40/50 Collet
Desktop NC Dental Chuck
Dental Chuck

7. Case

Al 6063 Impeller

8. Operation

Following Our Cannel:Desktop Equip

Customized service

Special Tool Design
Special Fixture Design
Modified Chuck Design

We can develop special fixtures, special tools, laser and other chuck modification solutions for special processes based on demand and relying on strong research and development capabilities




Desktop NC V3 5 aixs laser laser engraving(3)

Metal Processing

Commonly used in processing copper alloy watch covers, motor covers and other aluminum alloy parts

Object Carving

Using the powerful surface processing function of five axes, it is used for the carving of human figures


For the cutting of the outer edge of invisible braces and the processing of wax-type ceramic teeth

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