Ultrasonic Cutter

H-B03 is a perfect ultrasonic cutting machine, making full use of the amplitude of 10-70μm and high frequency of 40,000 times per second (40 kHz), it can effectively activate the molecular energy in the object, break the cufflinks, flip the sub-chain . Rapid vibration can significantly reduce the coefficient of friction between the object and the blade, resulting in an ultra-smooth tangent.


1 The cutting handle adopts ergonomic handheld design.
2 Pedal control, can start and stop cutting anytime and anywhere.
3 Ultrasonic cutting technology. Easily cuts with smooth edges
4 High and low power design, high-grade cutting 3D printing parts or carbon fiber, low-grade cutting leather, plastic, etc.


Package SizeW26×D22.5×H21.5cmPackage weight1.5kg
Host sizeΦ110×H155mmHost weight800g
Handle sizeΦ25×H160mmHandle weight60g
PowerLow grade 30wHigh grade 40wMaterialABS
Power supplyInput AC220V 50/60HzOutput DC24V 2.5AVibration Frequency40kHz
Amplitude10-70μmContinuous working timeLow grade 30minHigh grade 60min
Cutting materialsPlastic, wood, cardboard, fabric, leather, circuit board,fibreboard, paper, acrylic, rubber
Is the blade general purpose or special purpose?

Universal blade. A 30° silver utility blade with a height of 9mm and a thickness

 Which materials cannot be cut?

Hard objects such as metals, ceramics, glass, rocks

Edge melting occurs when cutting plastic?

Ultrasonic blade vibrates to generate heat, which melts plastic, and fast cutting improves.


Shipping List


  • The warranty period of the equipment is 12 months, and the quality problems of normal use and non-human damage should be directly contacted for maintenance.
  • Man-made damage, incorrect operation, especially dismantling and damage without following the instruction manual are not guaranteed
  • After the warranty period expires, spare parts will be replaced and repaired at cost price.