desktop Mill Auto

It is a desktop CNC milling machine with beautiful appearance, powerful function and compact structure. Automatic door opening.
The operation adopts DDCS V3.1 controller and electronic handwheel. In addition, two commonly used clamps, 2-inch vise and toad pliers, are presented.



Desktop Milling Machine

Specifically designed for laboratories, small factories and individual makers

Integrated sheet metal shell protection, the movement shaft is protected by stainless steel, equipped with an air mist cooling device, and the bottom is designed to be waterproof.
Supports processing of various consumables, supports cutting and milling of plastic, wood, aluminum, copper, iron, gold, silver, steel and other materials.




800W water-cooled high-speed mold spindle,Sheet metal chassis, stainless steel protection, spray cooling processing available


36V DC integrated servo,High control precision, smoother and more stable movement.T-slot M5 workbench


Its speed can reach up to 24000rpm,Cutting is easier.Automatic tool setting, C7 ball screw, Shangyin MGN15 linear guide.


Package SizeW810×D660×H700mmPackage Weight100kg
Equipment SizeW700×D560×H620mmEquipment Weight75kg(N.W)
Workbench SizeW370×D135mmWorkbench Max Load20kg
XYZ Effective StrokeX170×Y135×Z180mm*A-axis Effective StrokeA:360° 
Fixture Clamping length30mm4-axis Machining RangeΦ80×L130mmH120mm
ProtectionStainless Steel Dustproof 800W 24000r/min 
3-axis Machining Range≤0.02mm4-axis Machining Accuracy≤0.05mm
XYZ Ball Screw1204  C7A axis1:5 Reducer
XYZ Linear GuidesHiwin MGN15Frame6061-T6 Aluminum
Processing Speed4000mm/min(Varies by Material)Part FixtureT-slot, M5 T-nut
T-slot Spacing 80mm
Tool Diameter&LengthER11 0-8mm,≤75mm
Processing MaterialsMetal: Aluminum Alloy,Copper Alloy,Gold Alloy,
Silver Alloy, *Steel, *Titanium Alloy
Non-Metal: Plastic, Wood, Wax,
Jade, Glass, etc
Drive Motor24V DC Integrated Servo
Spindle MotorΦ62mm 800W  24000rpm
Water-cooled Mold  Spindle
Can upgrade to 1500W
Drive Power220V Input 24V15A OutputControllerDDCS V3.1
Reset SwitchPhotoelectric sensorTool Touch SensorContact force 1.5N,
Repeated Tool Setting Accuracy 2um
Control Software/Tool Path SoftwarePowerMill, Fusion360,JDPaint,UGNX etc