Desktop Mill ATC
Form $6699

Desktop Mill

Miniautre 3/4-axis CNC milling machine equipped with an automatic tool changer.
Its compact size and powerful processing capabilities allow it to handle various conventional materials such as aluminum alloys, copper alloys, as well as non-metal materials like plastics, wood, stone, and wax.
This makes it a perfect fit for small businesses, individual makers, educational institutions, and laboratories.

Foreful Spindle

1800W Power, 24000rpm , Water-cooled Mold spindle,
Radial runout 3-5 microns

Automatic Tool Changer

8×ISO10 Tools, Automatic quick Change, improve processing efficiency

High Precision

Servo motor,Ball screw, Hiwin Linear Guideway,Sheet metal Enclousure,Spray cooling



Packaging DimensionW930×D660×H760mmPackaging Weight120Kg
Equipment DimensionW820×D560×H680mmEquipment Weight100Kg(N.W)
Workbench DimensionW410×D135mmWorkbench Max.
Load Capacity
XYZ Effective StrokeX200×Y130×Z180mm*A Axis  Effective StrokeA:360°
Chuck Clamping Depth30mm4 Axis Machining RangeΦ80×L130×H120mm
3 Axis Machining Accuracy≤0.02mm4 Axis Machining Accuracy≤0.05mm
XYZ Ball Screw1204  C7A Axis1:5 Reducer
XYZ Linear GuidewayHiwin MGN15Frame6061-T6 Aluminum
Machining Speed4000mm/min
ProtectionStainless Steel
Dust Cover
SpindleΦ62mm Water-Cooled
 Mold Spindle 
Part Fixture 80mm Spacing T-Slot
M5 T-Slot Nut
ToolISO10ATC Capacity8 PCS
Machining MaterialsMetal:Aluminum Alloy,Copper Alloy,Gold Alloy,Sliver Alloy、*Steel、*TitaniumNon-Metal:Plastic,Wood,Wax,Jade,Glass etc
Drive Motor24V DC Servo
Spindle Motor1800W 60000r/min
Drive Power220V Input 24V15A OutputMotion ControllerFOINNC M350 5 Axis
Home SwitchPhotoelectric SensingTool SetterContact force 1.5N, Rrepeated tool setting accuracy 2um
Control Software/Toolpath SoftwareSprutCAM,PowerMill, Fusion360,JDsoft,NXUG etc



  1. One-year warranty for quality problems caused by non-artificial damage
  2. Man-made damage, improper operation, especially damage caused by failure to follow the instructions and unauthorized dismantling are not guaranteed
  3. The warranty plan is to provide free remote guidance for the replacement of accessories, and if it is necessary to return to the factory for repair, the round-trip freight will be borne by the customer.
  4. After the warranty period expires, spare parts will be replaced and repaired at cost price.