Desktop SMT Pro is a mini pick and place machine developed based on OpenPNP. It has a compact structure and exquisite appearance. It is not limited by location and can be easily operated at home or in the office.
It comes with dual cameras, an automatic electric feeder, and two placement heads, capable of accommodating up to 36 electric feeders, and can assist in handling 0402, BGA, QFN, and LED chip components.




High Precision Triple Vision Calibration

The vision system employs a custom high-resolution CCD industrial camera.
The bottom vision camera accurately recognizes components, capturing IC pin information for precise installation. The top vision camera is responsible for positioning the circuit board and automatically correcting picking errors.

High-Speed Dual Mounting Heads

Enabling fast placement of tiny components and integrated IC components, with an average motion speed of up to 2000mm/s, equipped with a 5-position automatic nozzle changing device.

Simple & Smart Programming

Supports CSV coordinate import, online manual entry, and manual fine-tuning. Automated optimization is applied when importing CSV files, eliminating duplicate ID placement, resulting in a smoother operational workflow.



Line Guideway &Closed Loop
Stepper Motor

Linear motion axis use linear guideways for excellent rigidity, smooth motion, and precise positioning due to reduced friction.
Drive motor employs a 57 closed-loop stepper motor for faster and smoother operation, incorporating an encoder for closed-loop feedback, effectively eliminating stepping issues.

Electric Feeder

Electric feeder makes your desktop pick and place process more automated, eliminating the need for manual loading.
With high-resolution encoders and a high transmission ratio gearbox, the electric feeder can consistently and reliably feed 0402 SMT components with a positioning accuracy of up to 0.01mm.

E-Feeder Price

8mm Tri-tape Electric Feeder$49
12mm Dual-tape Electric Feeder$40
16mm Dual-tape Electric Feeder$40
Stable pickup of 0402 package chips

SMT Nozzle(Samsung )

Nozzle Swing Amount: ±0.05mm
Nozzle Concentricity: ±0.02mm
Airflow Leakage: 0.1-10nm3/hr
Spring Elasticity: 0.06 – 0.5kgf
Total Nozzle Length Tolerance: ±0.03mm

1) High Quality Steel, Durable
High temperature resistance, ≤0.7% dimensional shrinkage, ≥92Mpa yield strength, ≤0.15 friction coefficient
2) High Recognition Rate
No whitening, laser label accuracy of 0.02mm, DLC layer technology.
3) Accurate Picking
High concentricity, precise grinding treatment of nozzle inner hole, pick-up rate >99%.

Customization: Support the customization of nozzles for various non-standard and irregular electronic components
Such as resistors, capacitors, cases, LED chips, etc..

NameApplicable ComponentOD(mm)ID(mm)Price
CN 1401206,sop82.21.1$8
CN220Sop8 sop163.62.2$8
CN400Sop8 & above large components6.24.0$8


Equip SizeW530×D450×H330mmEquip Weight25KG(N.W)
Packaging SizeW640×D540×H380mmPackaging Weight30KG(G.W)
XYZ StrokeX260×Y370×Z20mmMax PCB AreaW220×D300mm
Placement HeadDualFrameIntegrated Sheet Metal
CameraTriple Vision
One Top&Dual Bottom
Feeder Capacity12×8mm Tri-tape Electric Feeder
20 × Bulk Feeder
Position Accuracy0.05mmNozzle Recoil Range5mm
Drive Motor57 Closed Loop stepper MotorLight SourceLED
OSWIN7/WIN10SoftwareOPENPNP Custom Edition
Power Supply220V/50HZAverage Power150W
XY Axis RotationTiming belt + Linear GuidewayPlacement Rate 1600CPH with Vision
2100CPH without Vsion
VacuumExternal vacuum pumpProgrammingImport via CSV Coordinate File or Enter Manually
Electric Feeder8mm Tri-Tape Electric Feeder, 12mm Daul Tape Electric Feeder
16mm Daul-Tape Electric Feeder, 485 communication
Adapting Component0402/0603/0805/1206/LED lamp beadsDiode, transistor,
SOT\45×45mm range pinsQFP, BGA, etc. with pitch greater than 0.3mm

Shiping List

EquipDesktop SMT Pro1High-speed dual placement heads, dual vision, automatic head change
NozzleCN040(Samsung)10603, 0805 same size package components
CN100(Samsung)11206, SOP8, SOT23 same size package components
FeederBulk Feeder38mm、12mm、16mm one of each
8mm TripleTape
Electric Feeder
1Supports 0402 to SOP16, positioning accuracy 0.01mm
OthersNozzle Change Holder15 workstations, providing 4 nozzle replacements
Calibrate PCB1Calibration Position
Vacuum Pump1Provides vacuum power to the nozzle


Vision Feeder

Uniform Backlighting, Clear Component Outlines, and a High Recognition Success Rate of up to 99%. Built-in Large-Capacity Rechargeable Battery, with a Battery Life of up to 24 hours (OpenPNP Configuration Documentation Provided).

Solder Paste Stencil Printing Station

Supports manual solder paste printing on PCB boards within 170×170mm.
Unique structure can automatically tension the stencil, ensuring no gaps, precise repetitive positioning, with top pins to prevent PCB thinning, suitable for small-batch production, cost-effective.


Double Mounting Heads
Nozzle Change Holder
Bulk Feeder
Buttom Dual Vision


1. What is the maximum feeder capacity?

Max Loading: 12 pcs [8mm-3-tape E-feeder]

       Mixing:1× [12mm 2-tape E-feeder] = 1× [8mm 3-tape E-feeder]

               2× [16mm 2-tape E-feeder] = 3× [8mm 3-tape E-feeder]