This is a desktop four-axis dental cutting machine. With its compact size and powerful processing capabilities, the machine can process various materials such as titanium alloys, zirconium, ceramics, waxes, etc.
It is very suitable for use in clinics, technical factories and laboratories.


1. Powerful spindle

1.8kw power, 24000rpm high speed, water cooling, radial runout 3-5μm.

2. Multi-material cutting

titanium alloy, zirconia, ceramics, wax, etc.

3. Automatic tool change

Support 5 ISO10 tool change

4. Sheet metal chassis

Dustproof and noise reduction, waterproof treatment of key components




  • The warranty period for the equipment is 12 months. In case of quality problems caused by normal use or damage caused by non-human factors, please contact the manufacturer directly for maintenance.
  • Man-made damage, misuse, violation of safety regulations, especially if the device is not used in accordance with the operating instructions, and also if it is disassembled and damaged privately, then the warranty is not provided.
  • The warranty plan provides a free remote guide for replacement parts (spare parts). If it is necessary to return the machine to the factory for repair, the cost of shipping both ways is paid by the customer.
  • After the expiration of the warranty period, parts (spare parts) for replacement and repair can be provided at cost.