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Maxwell Labs, leading the way to the forefront of desktop manufacturing equipment and tools. Our mission is to create superior desktop manufacturing solutions. With strong Independent R&Dcapabilities and a robust supply chain, we are able to not only provide high quality processes and equipment, but also balance manufacturing costs.Working together to make a better future.

Desktop NC

5 Axis Pocket NC Millling Machine

Desktop NC Turbo

The basic model comes with an enclosure & an industrial computer, designed for cutting fluid cooling, making it an economical choice.

Desktop NC Mate

New Linux NC system, more powerful & stable. Split sheet metal enclosure, touchscreen computer operation, cost-effective choice.

Desktop NC Pro

Desktop NC Pro

New Linux CNC system, feature-rich. Integrated, sleek appearance, touchscreen operation, ultimate experience.

Desktop Mill

3-4 Axis Benchtop CNC Millling Machine

Desktop Mill Auto

It’s equipped with sheet metal shell and industrial computer, which can use cutting fluid

Desktop Mill ATC

It has an integrated sheet metal shell, adopts a new system, improves performance, and expands richly

Desktop Mill Dental

Vertical integrated cabinet design, marble abutment, ISO spindle, automatic tool change

Desktop Equipment

Other Miniaster Machine

Desktop SMT Pro

Triple Vision, Dual Mounting Heads,automatic nozzle change, motorized flyer, vision flyer, sheet metal frame, linear guideways

Desktop EDM Spark

Sheet metal frame, linear guide rail, multiple programming methods, dual vision, dual placement heads, supports up to 10 types of feeders.

Desktop Inject X

Desktop injection molding machine enables economical low-volume manufacturing.typically used for manufacturing small parts, prototyping.

Desktop Equipment

Other Pocket Machine

Desktop Robotic Arm

Economical 6-axis degree-of-freedom articulated robotic arm with compact size and powerful performance, 2kg end load, 629mm arm span and 1mm global accuracy.

Desktop Lathe

Desktop CNC lathe, high power spindle, servo motor, machining accuracy 0.02mm, offline CNC system, easy and reliable operation.

Desktop SLS Printer

The Desktop SLS is an economical powder sintering machine that can be used for nylon, TPU, and other parts.

Desktop Tools

Inexpensive productivity tool

Utrasonic Cutter

Two-power party committee design, foot switch, easy cutting, smooth edges


Meet The Benchtop System


Desktop Equipment

DesktopNC DesktopMill
Desktop Injuecton Desktop EDM.
Desktop SMT


Desktop 3D Printer

Top Down DLP 3D Printer
Particle /clay /chocolate 3D printer
Infinite Axis 3D Printer


Desktop Tools

Ultrasonic cutter


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Our mission is to drive the advancement and progress of the manufacturing industry through technological innovation and research and development. Our team consists of passionate and experienced professionals with expertise in mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, software development, and materials science.

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