The AR4 robotic arm is a desktop 6-axis robot that is small, powerful and cost-effective. With an end load of 1.9kg, a 629mm arm span, and a global accuracy of 1mm, AR4 integrates the robotic arm, electrical system, and robot motion control into a single unit, and can communicate with other devices through a microUSB serial port for receiving coordinates and motion commands to perform actions, making it simple to operate and easy to get started.
It can be used in the education industry, light industry, service industry and other scenarios. Common applications include automated gripping, automated machining, mounting, welding, painting, grinding, inspection, remote TCP, etc.


Solid & Durable Structure

The body of the robotic arm is composed of CNC aluminum alloy, and the shell is made of 3D printed PLA.

Open Source Control Software

Provide a set of open source robotic arm control software, which can be developed twice.

ROS System Communication

Build a complete moveit operation and control program to facilitate R&D (motion planning, obstacle avoidance, visual grasping algorithms, etc.) and applications.

Multiple Operation Modes

Programmable, teachable and joystick control of the robot arm

Complete Forward & Reverse Kinematics

Motion control is done by Teensy 4.1 board, which can be optimized according to the needs through arduino IDE.

* The electrical connector of the robotic arm is DC5.5 socket, the power supply voltage is 19.6~25.2V, the maximum current of the device is 10A, the rated current is 6A.Requirements: stable power supply, basic over-current, short-circuit, charge/discharge protection.




Closed Loop
Stepper Motor

Drive motor employs a 57 closed-loop stepper motor for faster and smoother operation, incorporating an encoder for closed-loop feedback, effectively eliminating stepping issues.


Packaging DimensionsW500×D500×H500mmPackaging weight16kg
Robot DimensionsW350×D240×H430mmRobot weight14kg
Front Extension Arm Spread629mmEnd Load2kg
Global Accuracy1mmRepeatability2mm
Control CardTeensy4.1Control of robotic arm movementAuxiliary controlArduino Nano8-channel relay control peripheral
Driver Power Supply220V Input 19.6~25.2V OutputDrive motorsClosed Loop Stepper Motor 5rpm
ControlAR4(Windows)Third Party ROS(Ubuntu)

Shiping List

1Robotic Arm Body/1 PCS
2Six-axis control system/1 PCS
3Motor Drive System/1 PCS
4MicoUSB communication cable1 meter2 PCS
5Power adapter24V 10A DC Power Supply1 PCS
6Remote control teach pendantXBOX Gamepad1 PCS
7Interface application software (with source code)/1 PCS
8AR4 Embedded System Program Source Codeteensy4.1+Arduino Nano source code1 PCS
9ROS Control Program Source CodeControl, simulation, etc.1 PCS
10Robotic arm operation tutorialOperation manual + operation video1 PCS
11Parameter description of robotic armProduct fixing holes, actuator flange, installation drawings, etc1 PCS
12Control command description/1 PCS
13Simplified Solid Model/1 PCS



Electrical Composition

The electrical system of the robot arm consists of a power conversion and controller, a FOC motor driver, a high-precision magnetic encoder, and connecting cables;

Installation dimensions

Arm fixing hole: Please fix the arm base before use to avoid the arm tipping over due to gravity.

 Mounting flange for robotic arm gripper